Superintendent Jim Frey Says Farewell

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Superintendent Jim Frey Says Farewell After 11 Years at Lynden Schools
Posted on 06/22/2021

As I wrap up the year and get ready to clean out my desk after 11 years in Lynden and 32 years in schools as a teacher, counselor, coach and administrator I want to share a few things.


First, I would like to thank the Lynden community for the tremendous support over the past 11 years. Working on behalf of our kids is a group effort and while it may be a cliché, I believe it is true: “it takes a village.” The Lynden community is a great place for kids.


Second, there are too many people to thank individually in a short message so a collective thank you will have to do. I believe teamwork is the way to achieve excellence and we have a great team in Lynden. The outlook going forward is strong as we have the right people in place to ensure that all our young people feel welcome and valued as students and individuals, leading to success as they navigate their future.


Third, to the families who have entrusted us with your most prized possession, thank you for placing your trust in me and our schools. Your support, advocacy and caring has made all the difference.


Fourth, as I have reflected on the past 11 years and what the future holds, I have settled on a couple thoughts I think are helpful as we close the book on a challenging 2020-21 school year and look forward to a new beginning in 2021-22.


• Remember to count your blessings. The phrase “Count your blessings” is easy to overlook, but it contains a powerful truth and meaning that can have a significant impact on our lives and experiences if we use it as the lens we look through. Make a special effort to appreciate the good things in your life and never take your blessings for granted. 


• Be a giver. As much has been given to you, be intentional about giving back. Look for ways to support and care for others. Giving requires a sacrifice of yourself and investment into the lives of others. The strength of our community is dependent on our willingness to give back and work to the common good of our neighbors. Let this be more than a nice sentiment, but a practice that we intentionally cultivate, making the lives of others a priority and taking care of our neighbors.

With a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude, it has been a privilege to serve as superintendent of the Lynden School District and work on behalf of our children, young people, families and community.


Sincerely, Jim Frey