Saturday School at LHS A Collaborative Effort

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Saturday School at LHS A Collaborative Effort
Posted on 05/09/2022

Saturday School made a return to Lynden High School in May. And it did so with support from multiple areas. 


Instituted at LHS upon the arrival of current principal Ian Freeman, the Saturday School program had been on hiatus during the pandemic. Now it comes back to offer additional learning time for at-need students, but also as a way for the community to work together. 


As part of the program, the LHS Be the One Mentor program supplies breakfast to the roughly 50 to 75 students normally attending the session. And about a dozen National Honor Society students join with Western Washington University Compass 2 Campus students to provide tutoring support. 


Jordan VanderVeen, LHS teacher, says Saturday School offers students an opportunity to receive support outside the school day. "Not only is it a great opportunity for students to further their learning," he says, "but it also provides a great community bonding experience as students join together for breakfast." 


The peer tutoring happens throughout the year every Tuesday and Thursday after school. Extending it to Saturday opens the possibilities for additional students. "Not only is this an opportunity for students to receive assistance with learning, but it also allows tutors a chance to deepen their own understanding by articulating concepts to others," VanderVeen says. "I also feel that peer tutoring enhances the school community as students find ways to work together to further their learning, students become part of the same learning community."