LHS students make math reality

LHS students make math reality with younger students
Posted on 06/11/2018

The power of high-level math at Lynden High School has made its way to Lynden Middle School and even a pair of Lynden elementary schools.

Over a three-week span late in the school year, 18 LHS calculus students ventured to Vossbeck and Fisher elementary schools, along with LMS, to tackle interesting math problems with the younger students. Over the course of 10 math sessions, the students bonded over the work, with the high school students having a fantastic time teaching younger students problem-solving strategies for deciphering challenging problems. As the varying ages of students worked together to develop solutions, they continued to build a deeper understanding of both math and learning from each other.

“I’ve worked with kids on previous occasions, but this has been a completely unique experience,” says Jake Bedlington, high school student. “Being able to share time with these kids allowed me to better understand how their minds tackle difficult issues and even allowed me to apply their ideas to my own methods of solving problems, both mathematical and otherwise.”