Instructional Software Approval Process


Application approval for use in instruction is a complex topic. Identifying appropriateness, student data privacy, feasibility, cost, etc. and mixing with the fast moving world of apps and software can be a challenge.

The approval process ensures that proposed campus software is aligned with curriculum and technology goals of the district. This process is not intended to  prevent teachers from exploring new software to enhance the learning for their students.  Teachers are encouraged to test and use any resources available in order evaluate  programs and applications for use with students. This process is for the alignment of software use, verification of licenses, ensure compatibility with systems, ensure student privacy requirements are met, maximize the drive space available, and to prevent the adoption of more software than can be supported.


How do I know if I should submit an app?

When exploring new websites, apps and software it can be difficult to know when the approval process is triggered. Please use the following criteria:

  • Any app or software that must be installed
  • Any website, app or software that must be purchased or licensed
  • Any website, app or software that uses a student login or any student information (Name, email, etc.)
  • Any website, app or software that stores student information input by a teacher (names, email, etc.)
  • Any website, app or software that is considered to be a key part of the student learning process.


How do I submit an app for approval?

The actual process for submitting an app approval request is to fill out the Instructional Software Approval Request form and deliver it to your local tech coach. 


Many software products have already been run through the process, please check below for your software before filling out a new request form.

Core Apps

Core App Category   Restrictions
 Skyward Student Information System  none
 Office 365 Student Classroom use  staff and 9-12 students only
 Versatrans  Bus scheduling  staff-only
 Mealtime  Meal tracking and POS  staff-only
 Career Cruising  Student Career Development  none
 School Messenger  Student Announcement  staff-only
 Destiny Library  Library Checkout  none
 Imagine Learning  Student Development  none
 YouTube instructional support staff-only

Additional Apps


Click THIS LINK for the most current list of apps and their status. (this link requires Office 365 login.)