Health Standards Committee

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Health Standards Committee

With the release of the 2016 Health and Physical Education Standards, and a shared value with parents and the community to equip students to live safe and healthy lives, Lynden School District is engaging in a review of our current Health education scope and sequence.  The school district will lead a committee of educators, parents, and community members to provide input on the implementation of the standards.

The complete standards document is located here 
From the Introduction:

The Washington state learning standards are the required elements of instruction and are worded broadly enough to allow for local decision-making.  Outcomes provide the specificity to support school districts in meeting each standard in each grade level.  Depending on school resources and community norms, instructional activities may vary.

The 2016 Health Education K-12 Learning Standards and Physical Education K-12 Learning Standards reflect OSPIs continuous commitment to supporting rigorous, inclusive, age appropriate, and medically accurate instruction to ensure that student are prepared to live healthy, productive, and successful lives in a global society.

Committee minutes will be published via the district website after each meeting.  New curriculum will not be chosen or adopted through this committee.  Recommendations and input from this committee will follow our standard curriculum approval process:  review by the existing Instructional Materials Committee, including an opportunity for public review, and possible recommendation to the School Board for final approval.

Questions regarding the process may be addressed to the Director of Teaching and Learning via email.

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