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Lynden School District: Information Technology Services


District IT Team 

Dusty Gulleson
Technology Director

 District Technology Coordinator
360-354-0551 x3501
[email protected]
 Mark Brossow
Network Technician II
360-354-0551 x3502
[email protected]
 Max Anderson
Network Technician II
360-354-0551 x3503
[email protected]

 School Tech Coaches

 Terry Bugas


Tech Coach
Lynden High School 
 Tami Anderson
Tech Coach
Isom Elementary School 
Kristi LaFantasie
Tech Coach
Bernice Vossbeck Elementary 
Email Kristi

Wendy Kramme
Tech Coach
Lynden Middle School 
Megan Vopnford
Tech Coach
Fisher Elementary School  

Mission Statement:

The integration and use of technology in the Lynden School District will help develop fully educated, adaptable and inventive life-long learners by stressing resourcefulness, teamwork, and problem solving.
New technologies used in hands-on procedures will:
• enable students to gain more control over their learning;
• enable the gathering of information from distant places;
• provide the opportunities to develop greater understanding of distant regions and peoples;
• allow for a wide range of student learning styles.
Technological advancements are essential to the K-12 learning and teaching experience. All staff will effectively integrate and utilize technology in the learning process. Our community shares in the technology resources of the school district. School district administrative responsibilities utilize technology as a essential part of communication and productivity.

Shared Vision/Guiding Principles:

Every student in the Lynden School District will have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the ever-changing, information driven world of the 21st Century. Technology enhancements are integrated into the K-12 learning experience to promote and enhance relevancy and application of the curriculum provided to further enable students to become contributing, responsible members of a competitive world society.
The Technology Advisory Committee of the Lynden School District recognizes the importance of adopting and fully utilizing new educationally significant technologies. These technologies will serve as important tools that will help our students maximize their
academic potential. Through the use of modern technologies, students will enhance their positive approaches to the challenges, changes, and adjustments inevitable in the technological age of the 21st Century.