Lynden students host Inter-High event, bring area schools together

Lynden students host Inter-High event, bring area schools together
Posted on 12/04/2017

A few Homecoming dances here and some beautifully decorated—and winter themed—hallways walls there and Lynden High School had a superb start to hosting Inter-High, a gathering of students from regional high schools to discuss, share and collaborate on ways to improve the student experience.

Eight schools participated in the 2017 event, hosted on Dec. 4 by Lynden High, each bringing a handful of ASB officers. Mike McKee, athletic and activities director for Lynden, says the 2016 event really inspired Lynden to put together a worthwhile program. Lynden’s ASB Inter-High representative, Eli Gripp, led a group of class Inter-High reps from Lynden that include Kaya Shipley, Maggie Mussard and Elijah Jones in helping organize and run the event.

“We went down to Lakewood for the first Inter-High (in 2016),” McKee says. “It was unbelievable. We are trying to represent the northern schools.”

Each year the Inter-High event takes on a theme, so Lynden put a focus on school spirit and student engagement. For the school spirit section, the visiting students watched some of the Homecoming dances that highlighted a recent Lynden assembly and walked the halls to see the extravagant hallway decorations produced by students. After the tour, the group gathered together for their first of two roundtable discussions on the day.

“We get ideas from other schools and share those and take those so we can use them to make our program better,” McKee says.

The second half of the event included Lynden sharing their ideas for student engagement, which McKee says Lynden does a wonderful job of, especially compared to other schools. Highlighted programs at Inter-High included Lynden’s in-class club time, Be the One mentoring program and freshman mentoring program. Another roundtable discussion followed.

“We are trying to structure Inter-High,” McKee says, “so kids come back with ideas to help their building.”