Welcome to Mr. Denniston's Class!
Name: Dirk Denniston
Email Address: email Mr. Denniston
Phone number: 354-3760 ext. 4142


Dirk Denniston


Hello! Welcome to the classroom of Dirk A. Denniston, 7th Grade Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher & 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher. I have a simple teaching philosophy that I adhere to throughout the year:
Children need to enhance their critical thinking skills and develop perspective on lifelong issues so that they may develop into outstanding, self-reliant, contributing citizens. I will foster their development by taking each child at their starting point using curriculum that addresses the WA State standards, therefore, making learning meaningful, enjoyable and challenging.


My daily schedule is as follows:
Period 1 7:40-8:34 8th Grade Language Arts
Period 2 8:38-9:32 7th Grade Language Arts
Period 3 9:36-10:30 7th Grade Social Studies
Period 4 10:34-11:30 Planning
Lunch 11:34-12:00
Period 5 12:04-1:00 7th Grade Language Arts
Period 6 1:04-2:00 7th Grade Social Studies



Open-Door Policy open door

You are welcome to call, e-mail or walk into the classroom any time you would like providing you set up a time in advance with me and your visit does not disrupt the learning of our students. I strongly encourage parents to take an active role in their children’s academics and want to prioritize the role we can play in their success. Feel free to ask questions about academics, your child’s development, or to access your child’s student portfolio, a collection of student work kept in a hanging folder that can be accessed at any time. Parents may observe these within the classroom or have their child bring them home only to return the work after observations are complete.

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